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My name is Olga Zsuzsanna Petrovits, From Budapest - Hungary / Europe
Not so long time ago, I become a professional graphic artist,
and now, I put myself together, and I become a university student as a graphic designer (BA)

In 2010 created my own company: A1 Graphic Kft. (Ltd.)

I can send to you a quotation, in the following points:
* branding, logodesign
* advertisement graphic, campaign building
* imagedesign, illustration
* packagedesign
* individual wedding graphics
* menu, wine list, guest cards, invitations
* CD, DVD design
* Exhibit-, bar-, restaurant decorations, brochure designing
* Infographics
* story-, book-, magazine illustration

Since my childhood there was only one thing, what is interested me, and this was the drawing.
Or painting.
Or makeing computer graphics.
Or just thinking on, what will be my next artwork.

Well. If you interested about my artworks, don't hesitate, find me on facebook.
(Olga Petrovits Illustration)

Bye, and "see you soon" among my clients :)

A1 Graphic Kft.

+36 (20) 566-0284