2012. március 27., kedd

Mosaic catalog

Usagi Tee Package Design - Presentation

Parfume Package Design - Presentation

Joghurt Package Design

Poster - Einstein

Postcard - Easter / Húsvéti képeslap

Plakat for free

If you don't like the mass producion posters from shopping centers, then send me a letter, and I will send you this plakat for free. You have just to print it, in size A2.
Have a nice day!

Have a nice day!

2012. március 25., vasárnap

Toyota Prius Hybrid billboard graphic

The invisible

The crab if you transform the word to hungarian mean two rings: first is of course the crab itself, but the second meaning is cancer.

Extreme sport film festival

Branding: logo design, facebook page, plakat, molino, flyer, 8 pages leaflet, ticket (+ vip + staff), pen, organic bag, water, board sticker, stickers pack, lollipop, key holder, t-shirt, badge

Extreme sport film festival - former variations

Work - Tickets for turist central

Negative drawing

1st pic. is the original drawing

Work - Information board for hungarian turist central

Work - Pictogram family for hungarian turist central

Work - Gullon Advertisement sheets