2012. április 5., csütörtök

CONTEST - Pályázat Hungaropack

Csomagolástervezési verseny diákoknak,

Permanent exhibition

It seems my artworks will be hanging in a coffee shop in Budapest Hungary.
If you want to see it, i will write down here the address, and you can visit the shop, and maybe you can see, and maybe buy one of them.

Against starving - Citylight

Model for exhibition

:D such a great fun!!!!! I love it!! So, I presented my first model to you.
This will be an 80 sq.m exhibition place model:
Materials used:
wood glue,balzan wood panels, scissors, cardboard, sniccer, ruler, saw, pencil

Not ready yet. I will upload, the end result.

Work - Product label plan

Product label plan (presentation sheet size: a/4)
I have an order to make two 8-sided product neck label, this will be the base for it.